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About Race Essentials


Race Essentials is set up by a group of automotive enthusiasts who lives their everyday life just like you. Driven by a passion for all things automotive and having a mind for tinkering with every component of the car, we set out to provide value and engineering services to similar like-minded enthusiast who understand the joy of customising his/her personal ride to provide the ultimate driving experience.

In the process of working on vehicles, we understand the need to have a reliable supplier who understand the workings behind the product they sell. The workings of a vehicle is a vast domain and it takes a lifetime to adequately understand how each component affect the entire system. Race Essentials is established in order to provide the motorsports enthusiasts a reliable and competent option where they can get their modification components with strong engineering support.

Race Essentials is the authorised reseller of AP Racing products. With direct contact with AP Racing HQ in UK, Coventry, Race Essentials is able to provide timely and strong technical support for any AP Racing products. For over 50 years, AP Racing has had one aim - to create winners on the track and road. AP Racing has achieved more national and international sporting success than any of its nearest rival. It is Race Essentials aim to extend this technical excellence from experience gained from more than 711 wins in Formula One to the local motorsports community. 

The  practice of Do-It-Yourself is also highly valued within Race Essentials and it is our humble goal to promote more DIY within the local community. Only through some work on your vehicle will you appreciate the beauty of the engineering between the art that is the vehicle you drive. DIY are simple and doable with the support of the various local car forums sharing valuable information on each specific brands. Race Essentials encourages DIY for minor maintenance works and provide loan services of special equipment that would otherwise not be cost effective for a single personnel to purchase. 

Race Essentials specialises in brakes and will be able to resolve problems with your braking system. Furthermore, Race Essentials works constantly with numerous excellent suppliers to provide the best value for typical maintenance components and ensure that each and every car owner benefits from the value that Race Essentials provide.  

To all of you, from all of us at Race Essentials - Thank you and enjoy your ride!

Sincerely, Race Essentials